Getting a secure foundation in life continues to be a challenge for young people in Metro Vancouver and throughout the province. More than 1 in 8 young people are unable to gain the experience and opportunities in employment they need to secure a life in the city. Employment and training programs are a major priority in improving the well-being of the youth and our communities. But the youth are not only in need of jobs, they need real career-building positions and opportunities in the community.
That’s why the youthstarter.ca project was established in 2014. Through a series of seminars and guest speakers, the project will provide the opportunity for youth to connect with professionals, industry leaders, and experts in their career field in hopes of inspiring them for their career goals.
Professionals will be able to share their experiences and give career advice, while the youth are given opportunities to ask questions and develop a professional network to help guide them towards a career or project they are passionate about.


We are hopeful about the future of Metro Vancouver and its initiatives and discussions between the youth and working professionals. Through this program, we hope to inspire the youth to dream bigger, to connect with professionals they would rarely meet, and achieve their career goals.

The main objectives include:


  1. Connecting the youth in Vancouver with professionals and experts in their career field and developing a strong networking portfolio.
  2. Giving the youth the opportunity to ask questions and get advice face-to-face from industry leaders on topics such as interviewing for jobs and work ethics.
  3. Inspiring the youth to aim for their career goals.
  4. Develop the youth’s networking and global view.
Organizer Info

Anabelle Liao

Anabelle is a grade 12 student at Crofton House School in Vancouver, B.C. She spent an academic year studying in Palo Alto, California where the youth were given the opportunity to connect and share experiences with CEO’s of major technology companies in Silicon Valley.
Inspired through her career planning course, the youthstarter.ca program will give the youth in Vancouver the opportunity to connect with professionals from different careers and companies to gain valuable experiences and advice for their career planning.


Team Members

Kevin Chi

Anne Hao



Vancouver Foundation – Youth Philanthropy Council

The Youth Starter Program is the proud recipient of the Vancouver Foundation YPC’s Mini-Grant, which supports programs that encourage youth growth, dignity, inclusiveness, fairness, equality, and that build connections and share knowledge.
YPC encourages youth to develop project ideas that address one of the subject areas in the 2013 Youth Vital Signs report.
For more information, please visit the YPC website: www.vfypc.ca

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